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Ashton. ♥ Ep. 6. - semalt

I watched Ashton pick one and put it back in, making so much noise..."Just pick one" I whispered at him, looking back at Analisa's parents' door every second.He kept on taking out movies so I reached out and touched his hand. "Just pick one"He eyes fluttered up to meet mine and he smiled, "okay fine I'll just pick this one"We walked back to the room and sat back down where we were before; I opened the case and sighed. "There's no CD"Everyone laughed, "Fuck the movie" Ashton said turning the lights off and sitting next to me.It all got really quiet because Analisa was falling asleep... the only thing you could hear was Ashton typing and quietly laughing next to me. I turned to look at he was chatting with some guy on facebook. He looked away and his eyes found mine."you know I had surgery" he said bringing up a conversation."No you didn't" Analisa saidI laughed, "You're lying""I promise you I did" he said showing us pictures of his beat up face after surgery.I chatted a little with him but soon again everything was silent... Ashton closed his facebook and laid down. I felt his breath right on my skin... he smelt amazing, like cologne and then I felt his hand touch mine... He intertwined our fingers slowly and pulled me closer to him... we were so close that I couldn't even move without feeling him on me. He rubbed my arm slowly with his fingers. Im not even going to lie, I enjoyed it. "You make me crazy" he whispered out of nowhere. His lips softly found my head and he planted a kiss. I felt my heart speed up, but I was also confused... I looked up at him to soon because the next I knew his lips were on mine. He didn't go slowly, he was rough and fast. In no time, his tongue was begging for an entrance in my mouth. It didn't go through my mind once to stop him... but what was going through my mind was Analisa but it quickly slipped away. Ashton rolled on top me, not breaking the kiss. I pulled away to see if Analisa was asleep and Ashton went down to my throat... I bit my lip from letting a moan escape and saw that Analisa was asleep. My lips found his again and we went on all night... I was on top for a time, he was on top for some... with every kiss, I felt us grow closer and he did something I never expected... His hands went down and he tried fingering me. My friends, who were WAY more experienced than me, had already to me about this. 'It hurts' they would tell me at lunch. 'Don't ever let a guy do that to you'"No" I shook my head in the kiss pulling his hands away, "stop""No?" I nodded, "no""Ok" he whispered connecting my lips with his again.He tried to again, but again I stopped him. I let him once but the pain that went through my body was unbearable, so I stopped him. Besides that, we were all over each other all night... every time I would stop... he would find his way back to my lips. "Are you gunna let me sleep?" I told him once I had rolled off him.He laughed, "I promise I won't do anything more"I smiled at him and felt my heart flutter. He was perfect."You're so beautiful" he whispered in my ear."You know I thought you liked Analisa.. That's why I hated you all night"His eyes widen and he shook his head. "noooo"I laughed at him and kissed him. Now, I couldn't get enough of him."Your perfect" he kept on telling me. "You're the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on"I fell for all he said, but little did I know it was just a lie. When it was time for him to leave, he held my hand the whole way to the door, squeezed my hand every time he wanted me to look at him."I'll just wait outside" Analisa, who was confused when she found us cuddling, said stepping out.Ashton turned to me and opened his arms... I stepped in them and felt his embrace around me. Before pulling away, he kissed my head in the sweetest way ever. I looked up at him and reached up to kiss him. When our lips touched, my heart fluttered as he wrapped his arms around my waist.I thought that moment was perfect, but I was wrong. When he left Analisa turned to me, angrily."I thought you didn't like him and now you're hooking up with him""It's none of your business Analisa, what do you care?""Cindy your going to get hurt, ashton is a player... He's a jerk..."I choose not believe him because of the night Ashton and I had just went through but I now look back and should of listened to what she had said. When I went home, I fell out of contact with Ashton for longer than a week. He didn't talk to me.....but I was dying to talk to him."You haven't talked to him?" Analisa asked me one day over Skype."No" I shook my head, "I don't think he likes me"She rolled her eyes and I was pretty sure I was going to get it. 'I told you so' but instead she sighed."I'll talk to him"------------------------------------------------------ -


Ashton Martin birth - semalt

Ashton James Martin was born 1/5/12 via C-section. He's 7 lbs. 2 oz., 19 inches. Here are some scenes between 6am and 10am. -

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Ashton Irwin || Stay - semalt

No copyright intended! This song belongs to DJ Brabus and Rihanna!-This is my edit for Ash and yeah I'm going to make this an all 5SOS related channel :) -My other channel is http://m.youtube.com/user/Katietaylor... and I'll be posting covers on there soon xD-If your still reading, thanks for watching and yeah subscribe and like this video pretty please. Hope you enjoyed! xoxo have a great day! -

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Ashton Silvers 2017 - semalt

I worked really hard on this edit for about 3-4 months now and I'm so stoked that it is finally being released -

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Tuilagi punches Ashton - semalt

Manu Tuilagi punches Chris Ashton -

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Ashton Drake expecting! - semalt

She is the Donna Lee "So Blessed" Poseable Baby Doll, purchased from Plumey Rose. I'm going to name her Jasmine.http://www.ashtondrake.com/products/3... -

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Ashton Irwin//Dollhouse - semalt

Follow my vine •Simple•Edits -

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Ashton Brothers - Plopnummer! - semalt

Zoals live gedaan bij Pauw & Witteman (VARA)in één woord: ge-wel-dig! Er zit muziek in de drank! -

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Ashton Irwin | Gorilla - semalt

Okay so... That happened. It's out there. Dear lord, what have I doneI'm kidding. Bruno Mars is a great artist, and I was curious on the result this song would have with Ashton... I hope you like it! -

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Ashton Irwin || Chandelier - semalt

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Mila and Ashton 😍 - semalt


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Ashton Kutcher Interview - semalt

i found another part on my computerashton kutcher -

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Ashton asda flooded - semalt

Ashton asda flooded -

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Ashton Irwin- TiO - semalt

Hi, how are ya? I'm normal. It's a chocolate milk party! I don't own the song. It's Zayn's song from his album Mind of Mine. Here's the link to the song! https://youtu.be/vLPmLHSKvCA -

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Wibble Wobble Ashton - semalt

My 2 Year Old Cousin, Had A Full Nappy All Of A Sudden He Started Shakin It We Couldnt Stop Laughing PLEASE COMMENT THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!! -

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Ashton irwin moan - semalt

Hey hey heyMoans every day 🖤 -

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Ashton Kutcher’s Car, Ashton Kutcher Car Collection – Celebrity Car - semalt

Ashton Kutcher’s Car, Ashton Kutcher Car Collection – Celebrity Car. Born Christopher Ashton Kutcher has an estimated net worth of $140 million. Ashton Kutcher is a famous Hollywood star and model who has acted in many television shows but his big break came in the famous FOX sitcom THAT 70s SHOW and recently in August 2011 when he replaced male lead Charlie Sheen in Two and a half Men. He has also acted in many hit movies like What Happens in Vegas, Just Married, The Guardian and No Strings Attached. ashton kutcher’s car, ashton kutcher car collection, ashton kutcher, net worth, house, family, 2015, mila kunis, ashton kutcher and mila kunis baby, celebrity cars, hollywood celebrity, fisker karma, ferrari california, navistar cxt, lexus ls hybrid, harley davidson, mobile home, He was married to famous Hollywood actress Demi Moore in 2005. He has also been the face of selected brands and appears in advertisements. The ‘No Strings Attached’ star has two primary sources of earning, firstly being acting in movies where he is paid approximately 10 million US dollars per movie ,secondly appearing in selected sitcoms earning him a salary of around $650,000-$700,000 per episode making him one of the highest paid actors on television. Ashton Kutcher owns a Ferrari California and the actor was seen driving the car while shooting for one of his films. Being a sports car, it has got the speed of 80kmph per hour in just about 4 seconds. It has seven speed clutch gearbox and it’s much more advanced than some of its competitors. The top most portions are insulated and the seats are also of superior quality, offering a cozy ride to the passengers.This high end car was brought by Ashton Kutcher after his divorce proceedings from his former wife Demi Moore were finalised. Its capacity is huge such as about 402 horse power. Another unique feature of this car is that it is environmental friendly. It can run about 32 miles on lithium battery and another 250 miles on generator. Its technology is very new and superior in the business. Fisker Karma features 150 kw electric motors. Its electricity is stored in 20 kwh lithium battery pack. The car also incorporates its additional safety equipment’s.This expensive and high end luxurious car was bought by Ashton Kutcher as a gift to his former wife Demi Moore as a last attempt to save their marriage. It has many ultra-modern features such as its LS 600h L is so powerful that its performance is on the same level with as many as 12 cylinders producing best V8 fuel efficiency. The LS 600h L emits approximately 60 to 70 % lesser smog forming than its other top competitor’s . Its extra long wheel base makes the ride more comfortable for the passengers.Ashton Kutcher’s Car, Ashton Kutcher Car Collection – Celebrity Car. ashton kutcher’s car, ashton kutcher car collection, ashton kutcher, net worth, house, family, 2015, mila kunis, ashton kutcher and mila kunis baby, celebrity cars, hollywood celebrity, fisker karma, ferrari california, navistar cxt, lexus ls hybrid, harley davidson, mobile home, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Svjs... -

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Mr Ashton Irwin [Ride] - semalt

Song: Ride by SoMoI do not take credit for any of these images except the last one :) -

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Ashton Irwin | Candy Shop - semalt

Warning: This particular edit contains an unfathomable amount of feels triggering bits of Ashton. Consider yourself warned.Requested by ohcanyounot on WattpadThanks for watching! Please keep supporting my stuff, you're all adorable!I take edit requests, please contact me through any of my social media and I'll get it done as soon as possible!Tumblr: http://chaos-addict.tumblr.com/Twitter: https://twitter.com/chaosxaddictWattpad: http://www.wattpad.com/user/chaosdear...Gmail: forallthefreakslikeme@gmail.com (don't judge)Google +: Call Me Nina -

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Ashton Irwin- FireProof - semalt

Like and sub -

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Ashton Drake Reborn - semalt

Adorable Morgan ❤❤ -

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Ashton Agar 64 - semalt

Ashton Agar's first domestic 50 vs Tassie Tigers -

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Ashton Kutcher Tribute - semalt

Best of...Monsieur Kutcher ;)and again nothing special.Music: Spoon - The way we get byO.C. Soundtrack, btw... -

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Ashton Irwin || Wiggle - semalt

Here's my 3rd video, this one is about Ashton.Please subscribe for more videos.Follow me on:Insta: http://instagram.com/mashtonsunicornWattpad: http://www.wattpad.com/user/noeliairwinTwitter: https://twitter.com/5SOSpanishFamAll rights reserved to Jason Derulo. -

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GWYN ASHTON Blues - semalt


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Caitlyn - Ashton Drake - semalt

Ashton Drake Dolls -

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☻Hufflepuff ☻|| Ashton Irwin - semalt

"This may surprise people, but it is the truth. In many, many ways Hufflepuff is my favourite house. Here's my reasoning; bear with me…There comes a point in the final book where each house has the choice to rise to a certain challenge.The Slytherins- for reasons that are understandable- decide not to play; the Ravenclaws-some decide they will, some decide they won’t; the Hufflepuff’s- virtually to a person- stay, as do the Gryffindors. Now, the Gryffindors comprise of a lot of foolhardy and showoff-y people… there’s bravery, and there’s also showboating… the Hufflepuff’s stay for a different reason. They weren’t showing off, they weren’t being reckless. That’s the essence of Hufflepuff House… I think we should all want to be Hufflepuffs. I can only say to you that I would not be at all disappointed to be sorted into Hufflepuff House." - J.K.Rowling"You might belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal. Those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil."A Hufflepuff's qualities:- hard-working- friendly- loyal - honest- impartial.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Song: Just A Hufflepuff - Oliver Boyd & The RemembrallsTwitter: https://twitter.com/IMMORTASHTONTumblr: http://extremelyashton.tumblr.com\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. -

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Ashton HSS Stratocaster - semalt

PS: Tenho que gravar primeiro a guitarra no computador e só depois me filmar a tocar, e juntar os dois clips. Daí que quando me gravei a tocar por cima da faixa pré-gravada com a Ashton, não me lembrei de ligar um cabo...lol, se bem que podia ter gravado até um banjo -

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Ashton Gibbs Highlights - semalt

Highlights of Pitt guard Ashton Gibbs and his remarkable 2009-2010 breakout season for the Panthers. Gibbs is averaging over 16 points per game and hit a game tying shot against arch-rival WVU. The song is Cash Money Heroes "I made it" -

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Ashton Irwin◄ Change - semalt

SongChange by: The Deftones -

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Photograph // Ashton Irwin - semalt


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Ashton. ♥ Ep. 3. - semalt

Ashton was annoying me; he couldn't even talk because he didn't know what he was talking about. Analisa ran inside to grab more alcohol and I sat down next to Ashton to watch over him."What's your name?" he asked me, looking up at me.I looked right down at him and got lost in his blue eyes. I shook my head and looked away from him. "Cindy"He chuckled, "cute name"I nodded at him annoyed as ever, and went back to playing on my phone. As the night went on, I was getting more and more tired of Ashton. He was screaming and tried climbing over the fence. I don't know how many times I pulled him down to sit. I was worried he was going to fall into the canal. They had finished the alcohol and he was complaining about being sober in 20 minutes if he didn't get more."My arms are still sore from the other day" he said getting up."Oh yeah... The pull ups!" Analisa laughed.Ashton grabbed the bar from the deck above and started doing pull ups. My mouth dropped in unbelief, he looked so hot."Ok Ashton sit down" Analisa said pulling him down.It started getting really cold, so I lay down and wrapped myself with a blanket. Ashton sat next to me and Analisa went inside to use the restroom. Just as Ashton has said, he was sober in about 20 minutes. Lying next to him was amazing, he was so warm and I just wanted to get closer to him."You're so warm" I whispered without realizing it.He looked away from the computer and down at me and smiled. I couldn't help but smile back. I placed my cold feet on his and pulled myself closer to get some of his body warmth. His feet started rubbing mine, and I felt my heart speed up. It was amazing, but I had it drilled in my head that Ashton didn't like me. Analisa came running back and got right between me and Ashton. I scoffed at her, "I was laying there!"She ignored me, and started talking to Ashton. I was pissed and turn my back on her. I think I started slipping into sleep because I jumped up once I heard my name."...Cindy knows a lot of people in flour bluff" Analisa said. I turned around, "what?""Tell Ashton all the people you know.. He'll know them"I looked at Ashton awkwardly, and realized they were both waiting for me to say something."Well I know... Katie...Kelly...Alex..."Ashton nodded, "I know them""Oh cool" I said kind of rude."Wait you know Ethan Sparks?" Analisa asked Ashton."Oh yeah! The kid I was talking to at church!""He and Cindy have a very bad past"I gave Analisa the 'look'. I didn't want Ashton to know about my past or anything about me. At this point, I was sure I didn't even want to be his friend."Oh wait that's not the worst part you know that guy nick?""Analisa"!"Yeah..." Ashton nodded."He beat...""ANALISA!"They both turned and looked at me."I don't want you to telling him my business" I told her angrily.She put a poker face on, "sorry"I nodded and assured her it was okay. Ashton kept begging and asking what happen but I didn't want him to know.Around 3, Analisa started saying she wanted to jump in the canal. I didn't want to but she insisted on getting in the canal."I'm not getting in" Ashton said, "it's dark and who knows what's in that water"I laughed, "come on get in"He smiled at me, "no I don't even have trunks""swim in your boxers" Analisa suggested."uh no, I'll watch you"We ran inside and changed into our bathing suits quickly, I avoided Analisa as much as I could. I knew it was because I was jealous but I just didn't accept it. When we got outside, Ashton was sitting on the boat that was docked there. He looked back at us and his locked on me.. I didn't put the pieces together because I was pissed off and annoyed but now that I look back.. I should of realized it because He wouldnt stop looking at me."come on Ashton get in" Analisa keeper begging him.I sat on the dock and listened to Analisa argue with Ashton about getting the canal. I turned once to see what they were doing and that's when I saw the hottest thing ever , Ashton shirtless. He was in the midst of taking of his shirt when I turned and I felt my mouth drop. -

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ashton kutcher underwater - semalt

mtv playing around in the pool. He "beats" a diving professional by tricking her. This may be the origin of Punk'd. -

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Coach Ashton Ernst - semalt

Get coached by top agent Ashton Ernst who closed over 125 transactions in 2017 with 90% of it coming from repeat or referral business! -

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Ashton Franquiz Talent - semalt


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Ashton Irwin - You - semalt

THE VIDEOS AND THE SONG ARE NOT MINE.Credits: Jay Alvarrez & Alexis Ren, and whoever own the other videos. ~~~~~I made this video bc I'm Ashton Girl & it hurts so much seeing him with another girl. I know in some parts isn't him but imagine he is *sorry if my english is bad*~~~~~~~~~Hice este video porque soy Ash Girl y me duele verlo con otra chica. Se que en algunas partes no es él pero imaginen que lo es.~~~~~Song / Canción: You - The Pretty Reckless~~~~~~TW: @PaolaDeBieber13IG: paola_biebsos -

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Ashton Irwin Imagine - semalt

We dont own the Videos or the Music.Comment the next 5 SOS Member we shall do :)Lots of Love. x -

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Dean Ashton Tribute - semalt

West Ham United have announced that striker Dean Ashton has been forced to retire from professional football at the age of 26. Ashton had not played a first-team game for 14 months and speculation had mounted in recent weeks that the Hammers would announce that his career had been curtailed. The striker could never fully recover from an ankle injury suffered at England training in August 2006 and West Ham may now seek compensation in the form of a £7 million insurance claim against the Football Association.West Ham chief executive Scott Duxbury paid tribute to Ashton, who scored 19 goals in 54 games for the Hammers. "This is a sad day and our thoughts are with Dean. I would like to place on record our thanks to him for all his efforts and wish him the very best," Duxbury said. "I would also like to thank the fans for their patience and understanding during what has been a difficult time."Ashton was a product of the famous Crewe Alexandra youth system, which saw manager Dario Gradi bring through the likes of David Platt, Danny Murphy, Robbie Savage and Neil Lennon. After playing more then 200 games for the Railwaymen, he became Norwich City's record signing when he joined the Canaries for £3 million in 2005. A string of impressive performances and 17 goals in 44 league appearances earned him a move to West Ham in January 2006 for £7.25 million, where he became a first-team regular.The ankle break at England training ruled him out for the whole 2006-07 campaign and though he did return, scoring 11 goals in 35 appearances in the 2007-08 season, he broke down in new manager Gianfranco Zola's first training session in September 2008.England boss Fabio Capello rated Ashton highly and tipped him to make a big impact on the international stage, handing him his Three Lions' debut in a friendly against Trinidad and Tobago last summer.Zola had persistently refused to write-off Ashton but the striker was forced to admit defeat because of chronic degeneration in the ankle. -

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Ashton Irwin - Timber - semalt


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Ashton Rowland | Musical.ly - semalt

Musical.ly : @ashtonrowland -

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Ashton kutcher feet - semalt

Valentine's day -

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mary ashton - circus - semalt

Thanks Mary Ashton ! Hope you do well at your next pageant ....you're the best !!nice comments everyone, if not I will delete them ALL!! no exceptions! -

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Ashton Rowland Musical.ly - semalt

Este v�deo foi enviado de um telefone com o Android. -

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Ashton - Cheyenne Lakes - semalt

www.tourfactory.com/763041/r_www.youtube.comThis home is located in Indianapolis, IN.Contact Arbor Homes for more information.Arbor Homes317-508-7501Cheyenne Lakes features wooded, pond, and golf course homesites that are secluded in an exclusive new section of Southern Dunes. In addition to our fantastic homesites, Southern Dunes offers an 18-hole championship golf course designed by Gary Player, as well as a 9-hole executive par-3 course. The Clubhouse, which is one of the biggest and best in the area, features a water driving range, three golf simulators and indoor putting green. Also enjoy the Olympic-sized pool, tennis and basketball courts, and the walking and biking trails. Southern Dunes offers convenient access to SR 37, I-465, and US 31 and is just 15 minutes from Greenwood Park Mall. Restaurants and shopping are adjacent to the community as well. Southern Dunes is located within the 4-Star Perry Township school system. -

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Video Promotion http://gvthproductions.com/Video Promotion - semalt

http://www.GVTHPRODUCTIONS.COMVideo Promotion http://gvthproductions.com/Video Promotion VIDEO PROMOTION :00:00:05 Video Promotion00:00:05 Business Video00:00:06 Corporate Video00:00:07 Corporate Video Services00:00:08 Promotional Videos for Businesshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXRLP...Seeking Aerial Drone Real Estate footage? We are licensed operators and able to capture what ever you may need!GVTH Productions is your one stop shop for all you Drone Real Estate Digital photography Sacramento marketing or occasion coverage needs. We attempt to bring not only amazingly premium quality photos and video, but great customer service and support. We want to take care of your next Sacramento Real estate investment drone video marketing advertising campaign.GVTH Productions provides high quality media and keeps ones costs low. From video adverts, Real Estate Drone Digital photography and Videography, high conclude photography and sports scholarship or grant videos, wedding photography and video, we cover everything. If you have a small business or event that you want to capture in Top quality HD and all aerial drone video and photography Sacramento.. give you a call today!GVTHProduction.com 916.207.2097Check out our Real Estate side of things @ListVidz http://listvidz.com/contact/ or visit us on Facebook and Instagram @GVTHPRODUCTIONShttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUYE...https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk_W...https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk_W...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dQ7x...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4c_Hs...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_FiK...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGKEU...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GThFT...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMMwS...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQh9s... -

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Promotion - semalt

Eine Möglichkeit für Studenten Studium und Job flexibel und halbwegs lukrativ in Einklang zu bringen ist die Arbeit als Promoter.Organisiert werden derartige Tätigkeiten von überregional aktiven Agenturen. Häufig ist es nötig für einen derartigen Job in eine andere Stdat zu fahren, wie in Diesem Fall.Das Promptionteam der Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung ist beispielsweise im Tagestakt an verschiedenen unterschiedlichen Hochschulstandorten unterwegs -

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Timelaps Ashton Brothers - semalt

Bouw Treasures Drachten 5 maart 2013 -

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Ashton Irwin // My Sunshine - semalt

So I made this video at like 4am and it makes me happy but sad. Ashton Irwin is my world ok bye-MUSIC:River Flows in You [Extended Version] - Yiruma --FOLLOW METwitter:https://twitter.com/mukebuttsTumblr:http://alltimetony.tumblr.com/Instragram: http://instagram.com/piercetheirwin--I do not own any of these videos or music. No copyright intended.Videos can be found at:https://www.keek.com/5secondsofsummer...https://www.youtube.com/user/hemmo1996https://www.youtube.com/user/5sosvevo -

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The Ashton Manual Introduction - semalt

Part 1 Introduction and ForwardThis is a video presentation of the Ashton Manual, which is considered required reading for benzodiazepine withdrawal. While I do my best to stick to the information that Professor Ashton herself wrote, this is still my own interpretation of the manual and should not substitute for the words of C.Heather Ashton DM FRCP.Video #1 Introduction and Forward from the Ashton ManualVideo #2 Chapter I of the Ashton ManualVideo #3 Chapter IIVideo #4 Chapter IIIVideo #5 Ashton Manual SupplementTo Read the Ashton Manual go to: http://www.benzo.org.uk/manual/bzsche...For more info go to w-bad.orgFollow me on Twitter @BenzoBrainsDISCLAIMER:The information and opinions presented here are for educational purposes only and are not intended to take the place of medical advice. Do not ever suddenly stop taking a benzodiazepine or Zdrug or abruptly withdraw from such without proper medical supervision. I disclaim any liability or loss in connection with the information that is presented on this channel -

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Ashton Irwins Daddy Kink - semalt

I DO NOT OWN THIS CONTENT I JUST ADDED SOME THINGS TO THE VIDEO AND MAY ADD MORE HAVE LOTS OF ASHTON STUFF HES DADDY AF social medias TwitterPersonal: https://twitter.com/XxAshtonLoverxXyoutube twitter: https://twitter.com/BandTrashxoxoFacebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HeyThereImCait/wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/HeyThere...instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xxashtonlov...Tumblr: http://heythereimcaitr2c.tumblr.com/ -

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Ashton Irwin Funny Moments - semalt

Just some of Ashton from 5sos funniest moments comment if you want me to do another members funny momentsFollow 5 seconds of summer on twitter @5secsofsummer @Michael5SOS @Luke5SOS @Calum5SOS @Ashton5SOSFollow me @styleshemmoLove 5sos!!! -

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Dj Ashton Goa - semalt


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Ashton Asoke @ Bangkok - semalt

First Worldwide Launch in Singapore!Ashton Asoke by prestigious developer Ananda Development. Preferred location by the rich. Located in prime central city of Bangkok at Sukhumvit soi 21. Ashton Asoke is neighbour to Terminal 21 shopping mall. Singapore Sales Office: (+65) 61002500For more info and details, visit: http://www.bestnewcondo.com/ashton-as... -

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Ashton Irwin || Heaven ❤ - semalt


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Ashton Irwin || Haunted - semalt

Heyyo. So basically this is my summer all wrapped up in a video. I saw both Beyonce's On The Run tour and 5sos at WWA. But I'm uploading this bc daddy comes first.Song: Haunted- BeyonceProgram: ArcSoft ShowBizTwitter: ummstylessxInstagram: stunning_stylesWattpad: ummstyless -

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Ashton Kutcher pics - semalt

Sorry I made an Error the name of the song I used is "Sexy back"-Justin TimberlakeHope you enjoyed this video of random pictures of Ashton Kutcher.:) -

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Luke interviewing Ashton - semalt

5sos delivers their live show to fans living roomsmtvhttp://www.mtv.com/videos/news/110840... -

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Zach Ashton - Borderline - semalt

Zach Ashton - Borderline Directed By: Yaeer Eldar©2016 Zach Ashton (BMI) -

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Ashton - random facts - semalt

Sorry I couldn't get the full video. Here's the original full link (first 15 mins) on Youku.com - http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzM2NTc... -

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Ashton Irwin - Scream - semalt

Ashton xx -

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Dean ashton goal - semalt

wonderfull goal agianst mancheter untied -

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Ashton Roth Milli - semalt


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Young Ashton Kutcher - semalt

Ashton Kutcher looking very pretty at 19 in 1997. Now, if only Demi could convince him to keep his hair short. -

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Ashton Love - Striated - semalt

× ASHTON LOVEhttp://facebook.com/ashtonlovemusichttp://twitter.com/ashtonlovemusichttp://youtube.com/ashtonlovemusichttp://soundcloud.com/ashton-love× FREE DOWNLOADhttp://goo.gl/7w13Ob× FOLLOW FREQUENCY MUSIC ON FACEBOOK× http://facebook.com/FrequencyMusicFM -

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Ashton Travis - Exactly - semalt

MERCH ==»» https://goo.gl/CGaXPHAshton Travishttps://soundcloud.com/ashtontravis* Follow KrispyVibes *Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/krispy-vibestwitter: https://twitter.com/KrispyVibesSpotfy: https://open.spotify.com/user/krispyv...Krispy.progeneral inquiries: info.krispyvibes@gmail.comSubmit/Business/Copyright issue: info.krispyvibes@gmail.comSubmit:https://goo.gl/UUoq9yif you're reading this have nice day!!!!......... -

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Ashton Guitar D25CEQ - semalt

Improviso com a minha guitarra Ashton Guitar D25CEQ. Simplesmente toquei e foi isto que saiu... -

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Ashton Moio • WeStopHate - semalt

Thank you Ashton Moio (@AshtonMoio) for colouring your world beautiful with us and being a part of our #colourbeautiful movement! So what’s this video series all about? We asked some of our YouTube friends and others like you to take a stand and Colour Your World Beautiful with the world’s ethical beauty company, The Body Shop—be it through personal and artistic self-expression or community action.As they launch their NEW, 5-free, vegan, quick-drying, chip resistant and high-gloss Colour Crush Nail Varnishes, we invite you to grab a bottle and #ColourBeautiful! http://bit.ly/102aEuOIt’s your world, and we’d like to make it a beautiful one! #colourbeautiful @thebodyshopusahttp://WeStopHate.orgWSH Merchandise: http://westophate.bigcartel.com/WSH Twitter: http://twitter.com/westophateWSH Facebook: http://facebook.com/westophateWSH Tumblr Blog: http://westophate.tumblr.com/WSH Love, Yourself Letters: http://loveyourselfwsh.org WSH Founder, Emily-Anne Rigal:http://twitter.com/EmilyAnne_Rigalhttp://instagram.com/EmilyAnneRigalhttp://emilyannerigal.comThe Body Shophttp://www.thebodyshop-usa.com/https://twitter.com/thebodyshopusahttps://www.facebook.com/TheBodyShophttp://www.pinterest.com/thebodyshopusahttps://www.youtube.com/user/thebodyshopAshton Moio:http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1190373/https://twitter.com/ashtonmoiohttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashton_MoioDo you want your video uploaded on WeStopHate? Post it as a video response to this video!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9CEt1...WeStopHate is a Realize Arts & Education, Inc. program created to raise "teen-esteem" through the power of online videos and social media. -

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|| Ashton Irwin || Hey Daddy || - semalt

I haven't made an edit in a while so i made this one, i am actually quite proud of it!I hope you guys enjoy this video and also be sure to check out my social media accounts and follow me on there !Twitter: @Cutiepie_AbbeyInstagram: @Cutiepie_AbbeySnapchat: Abbey_Garrett -

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Ashton Shepherd Spinnin' - semalt

Ashton Shepherd sings Spinnin' for the CDX Hallway Of Fame -

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Mila & Ashton Always & Forever - semalt

Hey guys! I just finished watching that 70 show and I've followed Mila and Ashton's love story for awhile. It is super sweet so here's there love story! Comment video ideas! :-) NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED -

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Susan Ashton - Summer Solstice - semalt

Track 1 from "Susan Ashton". -

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Happy 2nd Birthday Ashton! - semalt


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Ashton Court Festival 1991 - semalt

The Moonflowers gatecrash Ashton Court Festival setting up their own impromptu stage. Events that will live long in the memory of Bristol festival goers who were there. Among the bands who joined them in the fun/mayhem were Rorschach seen here playing Look Dumb. -

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Ashton Drake Alanna - semalt

We are sad to say we are sending Nia back 😭😭😭😢 -

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Zach Ashton - Destiny.wmv - semalt

SURF_MUSICWe destiny is falling down…all around.I don't know if I can hang on now.Sometimes in this lifewe must let go of things we love,and let them fade away.Old man do you have some advice to offer me?For you know this road I'm on so well.Well son he says to me"love comes and goes. And you can't fight it…sometimes things just weren't meant to be."So be strong and take long…"to find the one your heart is dreaming of."And we see destiny is falling down… all around.But I know it's time to let you go.Memories fading fast…I wish I could make the good ones last…Forever and a day.So fade away…Fade away…. -

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Losing - Zach Ashton - semalt

Surf -

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Ashton Irwin laughing - semalt

Here's part 2:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oT6pH...hope you enjoy the videotwitter: https://twitter.com/moiiraine -

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Fan Du RCT, Youtubeur.- YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7oP...- Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sébast...- Twitter : https://twitter.com/SbastienRCT- Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/sebastien_rct/- Site Officiel : - Google + : https://plus.google.com/+SébastienRCT...- SnapChat : sebtoulon83 -

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Daddy ~ Ashton Irwin - semalt

Thanks for the 2.000 views! -

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Benjamin ashton drake - semalt

He's so cute and very heavy he is the brother of little peanut on ashton drake he wears newborn -

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Ashton Nyte- Medicine - semalt

I dont own this song, all rights are owned by Redeye Distribution and Ashton Nyte. album: The Valley -

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Ashton Chula Silom - semalt

Ashton Chula Silom - Rental Yield Investment OpportunityContact RE/MAX CondoDee:www.condodee.comremax@condodee.com+66 2 -038-5897 -

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Greedy baby ashton - semalt

This video was uploaded from an Android phone. -

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Classic || Ashton Irwin - semalt

First Video! Ashton Irwin.Like, Comment, and Subscribe!!! -

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Bateria Eletrônica Ashton - semalt

Bateria Ashton que você encontra na Persona Music Intrumentos Musicaishttp://www.facebook.com/personamusic....Bagé-RS -

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Ashton Pipe YABO - semalt

Made by William Ashton TaylorSorry I misspoke the great pipe makers name, I don't do retakesMcCranies is the correct name of the tobacco shop where this pipe was sold. -

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Mila and Ashton - semalt

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher ♥ -

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Because I love you, and I always will. Thanks for being awesome❤ Remember that we are just ordinary people🌟 -

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Ashton Kutcher Video! - semalt

This is a video my sister and I made of Ashton Kutcher!! -

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Gwyn Ashton - Hey Joe - semalt

Live @ the Blues Rock festival "les Grosses Guitares" Vaugneray (69) France September, 19th 2009 -

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Ashton Irwin loves you! - semalt

Cheer up beautiful and remember Ashton loves you! -

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Ashton Lost His Phone! - semalt

Today We Follow Ashton On An Epic Adventure To Find His Phone!Starring: Evan, Ashton, GregWritten By: EvanDirected By: EvanEdited By: EvanProduced By: Evan, Greg, AshtonFollow me on social Media! 😜👇🏻Instagram: http://instagram.com/evan_l_11Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/evn299Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/Gtubbz_Off...My other channels!🔥👇🏻2nd Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe7f...Xtra Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0QC...Gaming Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr06... -

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Opening Ashton Drake Michael - semalt


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Ashton Drake doll collection - semalt


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Ashton Irwin | Imagina 6 - semalt

Lo sé, se que me he tardado muchísimo en subir videos, pero espero que no les moleste y que me comprendan :)Esta es la novela de mi amiga: https://www.wattpad.com/user/luekhenm...Si tienen alguna duda o comentario más personal, aquí les dejo mis redes socialesMi twitter: https://twitter.com/_elsyvaleriaMi instagram: http://instagram.com/elsyvaleriaMi tumblr: http://piperskyler.tumblr.com/Mi blog: http://valerymermaid.blogspot.mx/Mi weheart it: http://weheartit.com/Val_MermaidMi ask: https://ask.fm/ElsyValeria -

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Presenting Lake Ashton - semalt


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Ashton Irwin - Facts - semalt

I finally got around to making this video :PHope you guise like it!No copyright intended. -

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The Ashton Brothers - semalt

The Ashton Brothers performed at the 2006 Toronto Street Festival in July 2006. -

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